Thursday, July 2, 2015

#Review of @RickLeeJames New Hymns #BackerBenefitsReview #JustBeingHere #Hymns

I interviewed Rick a good while back when Comments on Christianity was still up and running. We talked about an album he was wanting to create and the GoFundMe to support it. He has been hard at work on it, though there is still need of funds if you are willing to help out. 

Being a backer I was privileged with receiving three of the songs ahead of time to "check them out". 

These were rough cuts of each of these songs so I kept my thoughts simple:

"O God Our Help" (4/5) - Interestingly this has an undercurrent of a rock feel to it. What I mean by this is that the vocals are nifty as they still carry the weight of being heavy worded hymns, but then are layered on top of some semi-rock like instrumentation. 

"The Invitation" (5/5) - Beautiful piano backing... vocals that just usher you into a worshipful attitude. A great way to bring this message forth. No holding back this is my favorite of the three. 

"Watchman" (4/5) - The instrumentation flows nicely.. I certainly like the acoustic elements. The song is common for the "watchman" songs I have heard from other artists. 

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