Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: The Time Store

The Time Store The Time Store by Andrew Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am a sucker for a time travel story. This has loads and, as well, it puts a nice spin on it. A family full of time travelers that do so for the leisure of others. Very different. I guess one could argue that Doc. Brown used his time machine for leisure, but his was so disastrous.

I found that story was wound in a pretty straight forward way. I was expecting the standard disjointed storytelling that comes with complicated Time Travel stories. This was much more fluid... oddly. There certainly were some questions that popped up in my head while and after reading..

There were some moments were I just felt like the story just dragged that unimportant things were happening, but I do see that some of those moments had plot points that were not noticeable until the end. Other ones really were kind of pointless.

One big thing I noticed about this book is that I could easily see this as a television series. Working with a few clients a week and adding the full time mistake arcs through the episodes to create big suspenseful conclusions as they move to put true time right.

As I neared the end I was a bit worried that some things were not going to get touched on again. The percentage going closer and closer to 100 without mention of it again. But one of the big ones was.. well not resolved but served for a solid enough cliff hanger that I started following The Time Store on Facebook so I will know when the next book will release.

Some other questions I have had may contain spoilers (in a way) so .. be wary in reading them.

*******spoilers below**********

When Time Traveling (being outside "true time") is the aging process halted?

Was the timeline for the crash as it always was... or is there several different timelines?

Being that it only makes sense to have several timelines... why did we not get to witness the one mystery one where we actually learn what happened to have what I would consider the middle timeline?

This is a heavy one for me, because I feel as if what was done to "fix" things was exactly what happened before. To me it would have made sense.. seriously.. spoiler her.. for Sarah to have fixed the bike..or to have helped Nathan in getting to the crash in time. Maybe a glimpse into what we never saw John do? Or an explosion of some sort... idk.

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