Friday, August 14, 2009

Regret... (CRY)

Dale, my former youth pastor, graced us with his presence and taught in big group at Celebrate Recovery Youth. In taking notes - this is what I got out of it.


What is regret?

The inability to forgive yourself

The God of the world - Jesus, the savior of all of us, forgave us ... by shedding his blood and sacrificing himself for our sins, taking them upon himself into the depths of hell.

Why is that important?

In not forgiving yourself you are not accepting what Christ has done in you, or what Christ can do in you!


What kind of medicine are you taking? - is it the CURE or just a retardant?

To look into the past and believe within yourself that "IF ONLY" then you are using a retardant!

You are blaming your present on your past - instead look to Christ and fully grasp his image - in this you give him your past (he takes it all). When Christ has your past - it is gone! You are no longer the person that you once were.(new man) Because of this - YOUR past cannot affect you IN CHRIST. Christ can become your past as HIS blood covers you.

This is important to remember due to the fact that if YOU are now basing your past IN CHRIST, then you must see that all others around you have the same opportunity! In this you cannot put against others their past. (judge not)

Do you have a grudge against someone? Is it possible that YOU may be able to change? Honestly, realize that we CANNOT change anyone but ourselves. So when we have something against someone - the only way we can let it go, is to change ourselves. Give Christ that grudge and LET HIM HAVE IT. We have a tendency to yank back the things that we 'give' to Christ. How often do we rummage through our trash to pull out something that only a few days ago threw away. Why do we so often do this spiritually then?

Attitude ...

So often I realize that my attitude is what pulls me down - what destructs my soul into disrepair. I have to be in guard all the time (guard your heart 1 2 ) in order to have an attitude that reflects that Christ lives within me!

It is time to move forward - to quit with regret and grudge, because that is not what this is all about. This is about a relationship with Christ - a soul growing and being perfected by the author and finisher of our faith!


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