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Matt Wheeler & Veritas - 4 albums (Free Music, Review) @augusttooctober @Noisetrade

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For Fans Of Iron and Wine, The Swell Season, Ivan and Alyosha, James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn

The only name in the 'For Fans Of' section is James Taylor, but I really have enjoyed listening to Matt Wheeler's music.

(Will not be understood by many, but being the day after 'everything changed' this music helped me though it a bit)

Acoustic & Harmonica ... some blissful folk music to just sit back and relax to

This being a Live album there are some understandable recording oddities, but certainly nothing to cause dislike of the music. A very well done Live album (and if your like me, you may like these more than the pro recordings, or just edited recordings)

Stand Outs:

"Ash Wednesday" - really love the sound created here! So rough and REAL. 'I'm feasting on the crumbs from your table' something that has come up often in my walk with Christ is realizing that I AM invited to the table of the Lord. What comes to mind is the song by Leeland "Carried to The Table". But to look at it the way Matt seems to sing about it, he show a humbleness that he does not HAVE the need to be brought to the table - only that receiving the crumbs is feast enough! An interesting concept to look at, or perception to see the world as. Not to be upset about the blessings you do not have, but looking right in front of you - and seeing the blessings that are right in front of you (be it crumbs or not)

"Avalanche" - (My Fav) so live and vibrant - takes hold of you and just has my attention! Listening to this song is what really helped me with what is in italics above! In one swift blow ... an 'Avalanche' my life must take a new turn. "Where you go, I will go" "waking up the sleepers" If I was asleep, this has awakened me - I am moving on in the way that the Lord leads - and was prepared for it, even if that preparedness was OH SO MUCH MORE GOD THAN ME!

"The Light and the Sea" - It is easy, as the lights fade, to not remember what it was that you saw/learned/gained. In Darkness all we have is ourselves, and most of the time this is a scary thing - we (ourselves) alone - most of the time when someone is 'in a bad place' they will state that they just 'feel so alone'. "I need your grace, your whispering" Remember now, in the Light and in the Dark, that you are not alone - that there is ALWAYS HOPE. And in the message of this song I was greatly encouraged as well. I know ... no I remember that I am not alone! Thanks for the reminder!

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This is not a Live album - but oddly enough I feel like I like the Live recordings better than some of these of the same songs (but I said that above about Live anyway)

Stand Outs:

"Seven Miles" - "Memory Is Haunting" ... wow - I think back to so many nights in bed just having my memory beat me into submission, keeping me awake and destroying my present self just by thinking of impossible scenarios that would not even be in my control. Definitely haunting if used in this way ... I have quite an overactive imagination, which I may blog about in the future... though very good for 'crazy out of the box, in the box, fun' ideas - it has hurt me on occasions creating around me a world that really did not even exist. "Learn your lessons through experience and time" this is almost foolish to not think true, but I have seen it so often believing that experience is a one time occurrence... I have learned that things do not ALWAYS work the same ... experience means that you KNOW that you do NOT KNOW!

"Arrows" - I am glad that the album ends on this note - to talk about the "wounds and bruises" we have, we have not the right for the healing of them (though we get that healing) and remembering that in our own "wounds and bruises" to others - to forgive - to be forgiven!

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For Fans Of Chris Tomlin, Derek Webb, Robbie Seay
I downloaded this 'Veritas' much earlier (before getting into a good review writing rhythm) and was informed by Matt (@augusttooctober) that this was also one of his - so I plugged it onto this review - and there are more that I have added as well

This album is more a worship album - good clean recordings (not live)

And speaking of it being more worship'y' I will state that there might not be as many stand outs. This music is very refreshing, encouraging, and as my wife would say edifying!

Stand Outs:

"Wounded Healer" - "I'm so caught up in myself I don't recognize your face" this is such a slap in the face song! Granted I turned the other cheek and listened again and again - because I need this slap in the face! I need to remember that we are "made to be" "hands and feet". God wants to work, and do good! "Shine your Light through me" !!

There is also a Volume 2 Veritas

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This second volume seems to showcase some of the songs on the other albums.

Stand Outs:

I think that the recording of "The Light & The Sea" is much better than the one on the album 'Ash', but I still love the roughness that is gained in the Live version the best. I feel the same way about "Arrows" on this album. Certainly a much better recording!

"God With Us" - the vocals in this are awesome. ahh - remembered the word - the Harmonizing is beautiful in this song! Very well done!

"Broken As We Are" - Honestly this particular song reminds me of Ten Shekel Shirt, which reminds me of this post! btw I am sure that it is the acoustic guitar and particular strum pattern that does this too me.

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