Saturday, March 17, 2012

52 Reasons : TWENTY_SEVEN : You Work Hard For Our Family

"You Work Hard For Our Family"

Having a job is a necessity... or at least some form of income.  That aside .. income is not what motivates me to do my job.  Well.. it motivates me a bit.. I do need money, but what really pushes me is my family.  

The best way to do work .. and do work well is to do it 'unto the Lord'.  And I have found that to be easier if my motivation is not the paycheck, but the support that it gives to those I love.  I am thankful for the job that God has put me in .. and I like to believe I do the best I can at it.  I know I make mistakes and don't always get things right, but .. I love my family and will learn from those mistakes .. to do better for them.

Melanie is a very hard working momma - and I could not function properly in our home without her there.  Her rock solid attitude with kids really helps out.. teaching the kids.. being with them everyday and keeping up with the constant mess that follows behind each kid.  It is a job that really is never ending.  If all motivation was money.. these jobs would never be done.  I am proud of her.. and all she does for our family! 


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