Friday, March 16, 2012

52 Reasons : TWENTY_SIX : You Are My Best Friend


"You Are My Best Friend"

I am not certain what the popular theory is today, but I can remember watching and listening to many 'media' (as in tv, books, stories and such) that best friends could really not be in a relationship because the romance would ruin the friendship.  I know that this was actually something that could have kept us from being together as we are now.

There is an entire story that could go along this one, but I will make it as simple as I can.  Mel and I became good friends ... we were dealing with things.. learning things.. and growing in Christ at a similar pace.  I believed her to be my future wife, and felt that God called me out on it - wanting me to ask her to begin to PRAY about the possibility of us 'dating'.  She returned with a no and we corresponded by many e-mails back and forth - all the while me being told I was a great friend and like a brother to her.

I remember praying HARD .. day after day after day to take the feelings I had for this girl out of me.  I was told how she felt and did not want to feel more than she did.  If we had kept this up as 'best friends' our friendship would have died.. it would  have crashed and burned.. but something happened.. something turned on between us and we were together (more on this in another of these 52) 

I cannot imagine not being best friends with your spouse.  If you only have physical attraction that brought you together and nothing else - ... I pray for your friendship to blossom.  Having the ability to be friends is a way to put off the idea that I need to impress her every 5 seconds .. or that she needs to be impressive every moment for me to stay interested.

I do not give up on my friends.. why would I ever do so to the friend that chose WITH ME to be together .. forever .. til death.  


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