Monday, March 12, 2012

52 Reasons : TWENTY_TWO : You Believe In Me

"You Believe In Me"

When Kyley gets upset while trying to do something and failing ... we (Mel and I) always end up telling her, "I Believe In You, You Can Do It" (well.. maybe not always.. but often enough) 

There is joy in my wife's enjoyment.  I would not trade anything for the ability to give her joy, or to enliven the joy that is kindled within her from something.  She gets joy from our kids, our ministry, and taking pictures.  (I am certain there are more, but these are a few of the big ones)  I am heartbroken when her pictures do not turn out the way she hoped and do everything I can to help, and as well I am overjoyed when they are to her expectations!  

I believe in her abilities in all things that she does - and I can do this properly because she believes in me.. and what I do.  There is nothing much more powerful in a time of need to look at someone that loves you and see confidence shining through them! 


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