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White Lantern - Star (Free Music, Review) @MatthewSCoker @Noisetrade #gospel #pop #Christmas

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I have reviewed White Lantern many times ... Shining Bright Star was brought as a single and is on this album as well .. I reviewed it HERE (one of my favorites for certain!!) : 

and as well I reviewed the celebrate recovery collection HERE: 

13 Songs

Overall Thoughts:

A Christmas album.. that is certainly different than the classics.. certainly something that is needed every once and a while.. 

Recording Thoughts:

A few Professional as well as some Amateur 

Stand Outs:

"Take It Back (Duet Version)" - I found the underwater feel .. or echo to be a bit off putting.. though.. on the other hand it did create a kind of surreal feel.. that was almost hypnotizing.. it is almost a rap song the quick way it was sung.. pretty cool message for certain 

'Take It Back" - much smoother .. not as surreal and echoed.. oddly .. I found this one easier to get into and enjoy

"Of Two Bearded Men" - totally sweet harmonica .. wow.. and such a new take on a Christmas song.. acoustic and very calming..I liked the mention of 'santa' but then the smooth movement to Christ.. pretty cool .. and.. umm.. I never really thought about how Jesus felt about Santa.. though.. there may be good reason for that.. I like the connection and the pull of Christ as important to Santa.. 

"My Snowman Melted In NM" - I heard this in the discs that I was giving for helping to back one of the other albums.. it is quite an interesting Christmas song.. dealing with the problem of Heat on Christmas.. lol ..we have this problem here in Bama as well!  Ha! Very funny for certain!! 

"My Snowman is A-(LIVE)" - the audience reaction is a good addition to this song.. lol (it sounds almost the same as the other besides that) and oddly .. I like this better this way

"Hotel Can't Afford Ya" - This song I actually know .. have heard before.. this version.. is very good .. really would not be able to tell at all that it was not Apologetix.. except for the fact I can very much tell Matthew's voice.. but he really does a good job of it!  Must be hard to sing that high.. lol 

"His Star Still Shines" - Acoustic.. a country twang.. kind of.. a very beautiful message... certainly another take an the Christmas tune.. but the wish for Hope.. and the look to Christ for that hope is strong and apparent.. 

"God Bless Us Everyone" - another acoustic..  a bit rough.. and another pretty cool song.. I could tell it was one of the older ones.. but I do not remember this from what I listened to before.. again putting Christ up.. the interesting thought that we can be so small to God.. but yet He sees us all.. and even blesses us as well 

"Christmasnite" - another parody.. but this is one I have never heard.. This was pretty cool... especially because back in the day I REALLY liked the song this is parodying... 

"Breath of Heaven" - I not heard this song..(that I can remember.. it kind of is familiar so I think it is a cover)  It is well sung though.. and a very beautiful message of Mary and the virgin birth .. wait.. I do know this song.. blah.. well done though.. sounds very nice

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" -  This is ..oddly.. one of my favorites... even though it is an .. well.. odd Christmas song.. Though the Movie Elf helped out with my enjoyment.. and.. as for this rendition .. wow.. it sounds great .. you two did a great job .. one of the best covers you have done for certain!

"Shining Bright Star" - Reviewed before.. but again.. I must say.. I REALLY like this song!! 

"Mary, Did You Know" - I heard this sung by Mark Lawry (to my knowledge .. the writer of it) .. and this rendition.. is very well done.. another cover very, very well done.. and really a song that is now a Christmas classic 

take a listen ... get a download.. and TIP!!! 

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