Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SHARK ATTACK - Part 1!! (Blurb)

A few of the youth groups, including the one I attended, in our area got together and created a Friday night hangout area, called Ground Zero (this was before 9/11, mind you). It was quite awesome.  There were all the games a young teen would want to play, and there were always quite a lot of people there. 

It was not all just fun and games though.  They would actually have service each time we met (I think it was once a month).  The service would be headed by one of the youth ministries each time.  This meant they had to run sound, lead worship, and bring forth a message from the Lord. (did you just hear that last part in a veggie tales Jonah voice, because I did) 

I always found the chance to go out there to be pretty awesome even though most of the time each group mostly stuck to the people they already knew. There was one night while during worship the group leading somehow lost all sound or some other technical problem.

The Spirit of God was there among us and I was totally into the worship time...just me and my wonderful God! Everyone else had faded away...the sound went out or whatever it was ... I was fine..really. I have no problem worshiping God in silence or even a capella.

I open my eyes and see the faces of the youth in the praise band leading and you can tell they are freaking out not knowing what to do...so one of them makes a decision; the Peter of the group, no doubt.

This girl steps up to the front of the stage, places her hands out and begins to sing, "Baby shark blah blah blah blah blah....blah" all the while cupping her hands together to create a tiny "shark" making a biting motion. The rest of the praise band then joins and they encourage the rest of us to join in this song many of us were made to sing in times when there was just nothing else to do but waste time and keep our attention from pulling us into troubles.

I was furious.

How can anyone leading worship think in anyway going from spirit filled songs to worthless playful banter is EVER a good idea? I am quite certain a more prepared and more mature person would have just done the songs prepared without the thing which failed on them, but who am I to speak I likely went home and chose some sin over God as soon as I could.

This makes me see how simple it could be to sicken God.  If He can be pleased by the "aroma" of a sacrifice offered to Him, I bet He can be displeased as well. He still loves us, sure, but does it not mean some of the choices we make are a terrible scent in His nose, taste in His mouth, or dissonant noise in His ears.

Is there anything you do that could be considered a "shark attack" against the worship or will of God in your life?
Check out Part 2 where I actually talk about the picture used on this blog :) HERE : http://derkopenedeyes.blogspot.com/2013/03/shark-attack-part-2-blurb.html

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