Friday, March 8, 2013

What Will taught on tonight ... if you missed out (UNVEILED 03-08-13)

 Lesson taught by Will, notes taken by dErK
1 Kings 14
Jeroboam king of northern tribes of isreal
Rehoboam- king of judah (southern tribes)
 v 1-3: jerry's son is sick. sends him to the prophet.

v 4-6: jerry's wife goes to the prophet, disguised. Even the blind prophet can "see right through her," so to speak, with the help of the Lord. 

v 7-16: Jerry took Solomon's place and immediately began setting up altars to false gods. He is now going to suffer the consequences. Assyrians captured the Israelites. 
God sets up David as the example by which the kings should live. He contrasts what Jerry has done to the righteous life David lived. David was focused on God's power acting through him, while Jeroboam was focused on consolidating his own power. 

Three-legged chicken... and a point somewhere... :P
You come up with a seemingly great plan, and then it runs away from you. 
Fair enough. :)

We should be focusing on God and the long term plans he has for us. 

v 17-20: Jerry tried to make a chicken... and it didnt work out for him. 

Jeroboam came to the throne BECAUSE Solomon made the same mistake. Why don't we ever learn?

v 21-24: Rey was king of Judah. They also did evil in the lord, AFTER the ten tribes were taken for that SAME reason. 

v 25-28: Rey's bronze shields a poor replacement for Solomon's gold ones. But the bronze ones they actually had to use. A sign that the Lord is no longer their shield. Gold is purely God-made; bronze is made by man. They lost everything without the protection of the Lord.

v 29-31: war all of their days. 

Main Point: contrast between the current kings and King David. Do we do things the way God commands for his purpose, or the way we want for our own purpose?

Has there ever been a point in your life when you tried to make the plans and they ran away from you?

Where do you think you would be if you had not turned back to God?  God tells us "oh this is going to be awesome!... in 20 years." Moses herded sheep for 40 years so he could herd "sheep" for 40 years.


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