Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mini Marvel Figure Blues (Blurb)

One of the thing the kids and mainly I have been doing during our 'out of house' experience is collecting tiny figurines.  

It started with Zerboz - more figurine in they actually look like the characters from the Marvel and DC Universes.  They also have Power Rangers and some army men, but we are not so interested in them.  

Anyway... these guys were the start of my personal 'retail therapy' (more on this will be in a later post) : 

Wanna see them more close up?  Check out my Instagram @comicsmilesderk and enjoy my silliness! 

The new one is Nog'nz.  While the Zerboz are very cool and just look awesome... the Nog'nz are MUCH more kid friendly.  What do they look like?  Here is a wonderful picture for your eyeballs to intake!

MY collection of Nog'nz: the CREME of the crop... well.. it was, and such is why I am talking about this.  We would buy the packages (they come two in a pack) and Kyley, Elijah, and I would open them together all excited about which ones we were getting, BUT if they got one Daddy did not have he would take it and move it to his master collection.  

Wow, dad, you are awesome.. so loving.. so selfless.. so.. YOU ARE A THIEF.. stealing toys from your own child!  What is wrong with you? 

I bought them... right? 

Ha.. what a concept!  My kids are genuinely EXCITED to open and get these.  They are actually playing the little games the back of the checkoff list has on them.  

Elijah opens one with a Cyclops and excitedly shows it to his dad, only to have dad confiscate it as a child Marvel tax.

The next day I was at work, working on some model design for rendering, and the thoughts of what I had done to my kids was eating at my mind.  I KNEW for me... what I had done was wrong.  These are just toys, yes collectable and the kids could lose them, but what is more important - that ... I get all the pokemon... I mean nog'nz in the world like the Lord of Fatherhood being the all powerful being in the household, or my kids learn selfless love by example from their father?

The true need was blantantly visible to me.  I needed to change something. I needed to change me.

I decided to do something small - something, likely ... my kids will not even realize for me... is a big thing - largely different for the 'big' it will be to them.  I decided to offer them ... any figure from my master collection to be added to theirs instead.  

Now, I was certain Elijah would pick Cyclops and Kyley would pick storm - I was cool with those going to them, they are not considered ultra rare in finds.  So.. here we go...

I talk with Elijah and make the ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER!  He thinks for a moment... and then exclaims, "RED HULK"!  

Oh goodness, I am thinking... That is an Ultra rare figure... can I really give him that one? Immediately my mind tells me... Yes, of course you can - for your son you can because your son is SOOO much more important than a foolish toy! 

I pick it from my collection, snap a clever picture, and place it into my pocket to give him when I get home.

Kyley was more predictable and asks for the one I assumed.  Who knew the girl liked girl superheroes, HA! 

Again.. pulled from my collection, clever picture, and into my pocket.

Parenting is an interesting beast.. It is easy to fall into a routine of seeing your children as peons you must control and dictate, but they were never intended to be such a thing.  

Love covers a multitude... 

A son was given for our sins, the Son of God.  He had an ultimate love for us - and we should be able to, even if insignificant, be able to give our kids that experience from us.  Maybe if they see the sacrifices in us... not in a way we do it and point to it.. demanding a change in their ways because .. "WELL I did THIS for you!!"  (That only makes it worth nothing!  But, if they SEE those sacrifices in us, maybe they will seek after God, having a better understanding of life... of living... of leadership... grace... unconditional love... maybe.. maybe... your kids, can be greater than you ever imagined yourself ever being! 

A toy is nothing compared to what others may give up, and I do not see myself being done here - I want to always have a good mindset when it comes to what I can do for my kids.  

Please pray I will - I pray you will also! 


  1. Haha! I've actually worried about this for the future.

    1. There are most certainly up sides and down sides..

      One simple good thing.. is that if you get extras.. there are people that want them.. In my household.. we have FOUR of them before we have more than we need.. although.. Asher loves having whatever.. and however many..

      Kyley only wants one of each.. and so does Elijah..

      When you have kids.. you will just have to play it by ear what you will have to do.. you never know what your kids will like..