Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Youngest Son's Heart (Blurb)

You have seen a bunch of Kyley, and as well you have read of Elijah - now for the youngest of the bunch - Asher! 

I cannot explain to you the joy, the happiness that this little guy can call up in my spirit! 

Both the older kids just playing ball (Softball and Tball) and this is not new to you if you have read my blog for the past two weeks, but what you would not know is the excitement and desire that the youngest of my three seems to have for the game. 

Check out this video where he is running the bases!

He has a great heart for song and playing instruments - check out this little worship leader!

He is Doe Doe The Magnificent's biggest fan! See here where he does a bit of juggling - and he is just like me in the store, picking up balls and trying to juggle them all the time.

Just a few weeks ago he was terrified of water - can you tell? 

Fear gives a constant battle to all of us.  We have no idea the things that the person beside us is even dealing with.  We should strive to be an encouragement at all times.  Maybe it will be just the thing needed for that person to hop into the water and gain the same kind of joy my son is showing in the photo above!

Push through fear to enter a moment of excitement and joy! 

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