Friday, June 7, 2013

What Will taught on tonight ... If you missed out! (UNVEILED, 06/07/13)

Lesson taught by Will, notes taken by dErK
 2 Kings 4

1-7 (Elisha and the Widow's Olive Oil)

Yes..same kind of miracle, but done differently than with Elijah. 

From this they sell the oil and pay debts.. and also can live on what is left 


Last week the state of Israel was discussed.. we saw that the son of Ahab became king.. not 'as bad' as his father... but still bad.. 
We see this wife of a prophet that is in dire straights.. and comes before Elisha
Why do you think he helped her out?
Could he have worked with her husband in the past?
The law actually commands those to help widows and orphans.


Elisha prophesied that a baby would be born..and it happened
 to create such a room was actually common practice.. and creates a separate area for a guest to stay and have privacy.. 

In this time period .. being barren was something that people would look down on you for.. assuming God was the cause .. and it was punishment


The child (old enough to help in the fields - mind you) ends up dieing and placed in the room of Elisha 

The trip she took was likely not pleasant.. and certainly not short.. she must have had determination


She confronts Elisha about the issue of her child's death.. Elisha sends his servant to 'check' on him

Elisha laid upon the boy.. he warms up.. sneezes.. and is risen from the dead.. he then just gives him back to the mother

Why did Elisha send the staff first?  Did this have to do with common practice of the time in necromancy?... to show that there was no power but God that would work? IT also does seem that the staff was never intended to work.. but a sign that he would be risen..

To touch a dead body.. it was unclean.. Elisha really breaks this.. but why? 

did he need to? .. interesting .. a great miracle, none the less

Why did the woman do as she did? .. she had faith? she was quite humble?.. 
sharing that she did not ask for the child. but did not wanted it taken away..
is this really humbleness?..

Did she seek him out for his assistance? .. she seemed fairly confident ... was see seeking help... or 'yelling' at him? Was she going to the man that she knew could help?

This must have been a seriously emotional time (we had much discussion - I did not get it all )

This was a process.. not. dead.. then alive.. a miracle may and is often a process.. have patience and continue forth


A stew is made.. that has poison? in it by accident.. Elisha adds flour and claims it is good..

why?  so they can eat.. God provides food in a famine..


in a way.. a precursor of Jesus feeding the 5000..

why?   again.. the famine.. 

If this is with the prophets.. they 'need' to see God working.. to show God's power over all

all of these stories really demonstrate Gods true power... instead of following an idol they are given properly the TRUE God to follow!

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