Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Five Year Old Son's Heart (Blurb)

I bragged quite well on Kyley last week, so I would like to do a bit of a showcase on Elijah this week.

This is me and him in the sky lift at the Montgomery Zoo!

It is quite high.. and he was perfectly fine with it - such a brave and confident young boy!

Eli is 100% full throttle all the time, until he crashes out of gas, knocked out until further notice! (The reflection in between my feet is us)

While Kyley joined 'the game' late, Elijah is right on target and starting with T-ball.  He has a bit of a problem staying focused, but that is a common thing for this age group.  He is having fun and getting better and better! 

He likes any kind of action show.. Power Rangers.. Ben 10..Avengers...You name a superhero.. he probably likes them. 

Here he is watching Shark Boy and Lava Girl for the 1000th time in a row

I have been buying these tiny 'toy' figurines and Elijah is the one ending up with the many doubles.  Check it out! (also.. follow me on instagram : @comicsmilesderk for some pretty awesome and funny stuff using these figures)

Kyley is at camp, and did a great job with earning money from her idea the previous few weeks, even if Elijah is one of the ones who desperately wanted to buy a necklace.  I found his respect and honest way of dealing with his sister in this manner to be very awesome.

He came to me asking for a dollar to purchase one of the necklaces.  I gave him a dollar and he got one.  I could have seen him whining.. screaming.. or stealing them before getting money and buying them from his sister, but somehow his heart was right.  Not only that... he amazed me even more by what he did with the necklace.

One of the girls in the church really wanted her own piece of Kyley custom jewelery, but she was not able to get money from her mother, which certainly left her disappointed.  Elijah apparently was heart broken for her and gave up HIS necklace he had just bought.  

What a wonderful heart of giving!  

I would love to end the story there, with a tiny knight in shining armor who sacrificed something 'grand' for a young lady in need, but.. that is not how it ended.. and why would it.. he is only five. 

He came to me asking for another dollar. 

I must be honest and tell you I did have two or more dollars on my person, but I was not giving them to him.  I told him he bought his already - he gave it away (which i explained over, and over how great and kind it was for him to do) but he would not get another at this time.

I understood he could get one at any time as Kyley was the one making them, and I could even pay for them if I wished.  I could take care of all of it, but I just was not at this specific time.

There are times our hearts are totally in the right place, doing exactly what needs to be done - showing a perfect attitude of selflessness, but then we turn right around and begin to 'demand' our reward for what it is we did right.  

Don't get me wrong here, Eli did not act as if he had earned the right to another one - or even try to use such logic to get another.  He just wanted one and begged for it, quite simply.  

Do you accept the gifts given to you? 

Do you accept a gift given by you does not always come with material payment? 


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