Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is it possible you are ALMOST EMPTY? (Blurb)

If your wife is anything like mine, you may find yourself being taken care of most all the time with simple things.  A simple thing my wonderful wife will do for me at times is fill my drink for dinner for me.

Sometimes she does this for long enough I have not seen the inside of the refrigerator, let alone the jug of tea I drink, for an extended period of time.

This can cause what you see above in the picture: A trickle of tea left in the bottom of the jug.

You never know how empty you are if you are never the one to pour for yourself!

While in the example of tea this is a simple problem, and easily solvable whether it be a new drink to choose, or purchasing a new jug - there are times when it is a more crucial dillema.


You can get yourself and and even others others into debt by not knowing the true depth of funds.


By always receiving, your significant other can begin to lack and become beaten down by their servant attitude.

If you only 'fill up' at church, then you have no clue of your true spiritual maturity or the depths your faith can take.

Where are you with these things?

Are you a sacrificial giver?

Are you on the receiving end of a wonderful person deserving of some move of appreciation?

Are you lost in your walk because you have no idea of the depth of your spiritual parentage?

Are your finances disappearing like magic each time you finally look into what you thought was an endless bag of holding?


Focus on the spiritual... 

Be sure you are gauging your level spiritually by seeking out Christ on your own.

The source of Christ is never ending, Living water, yet many of us chose to go to the man made watering hole which very well may dry up tomorrow!

Pray a prayer... Ready His word... Interact with believers around you.. And NEVER forger to SHARE your faith to anyone you can!

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