Friday, August 2, 2013

What Tim taught on tonight ... if you missed out! (UNVEILED 08/02/13)

2 Kings 10 (Chapter 9 was taught, but no notes were taken, sorry)

Lesson taught by Tim, notes are Tim's and derks thoughts added in red

Tim's Notes:

Verses 1-3
Jehu seems to be a very sly man as we also learned in the previous chapter. My guess is that thus was his way of testing their loyalty.

Verses 5-7
Because it was their decision not to make anyone king their loyalty was proven and Jehu had them behead the seventy sons of Ahab.

Verses 8-11
Jehu basically tells the people that nothing the lord says will ever fail to happen.

Verses 12-14
Jehu continues cleaning house. killing off the line of the king before him

Verses 15-17
More of the same but he meets Jehonadab and brings him along after a simple test.

Verses 18-28
Jehu, in his usual fashion, tricks the worshipers of Baal into a trap and after making sure there were no righteous among them he had them killed. and now we know why the toilet is a thone...

Verses 29-31
Jehu was rewarded for his efforts but instead of remaining righteous he continued to sin as Jereboam did.

Verses 32-36
Not much here...

How far are you willing to commit to God? 

Kind of a large net of a question, but something good to think of

What is the one thing that keeps you from being committed to God?


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