Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zelda Brag: I Don't Need No Blue Suit (Blurb)

I decided today I would use my blog to brag ... that is right, I will choose to stand up on my 'Just Being Here' platform and cry out something I did that was amazing!

I once played the entire water temple in Ocarina of Time without the water suit ... yup.. I did - and I was awesome at it. I used my weighted boots and limited air supply to perfection - if there had been an achievement for it I would have had it and been quite proud of the accomplishment.

I remember exiting the temple, and later returning to the Fish King to find him offering up a blue suit.  I talked to him and thought my amazing abilities in the water temple granted me with a wonderful blue suit... that... apparently makes you not need air underwater.  Awesome! I must have done great to earn such a thing!

Before I had my second play through of the game I learned you can get the blue suit BEFORE the water temple and as well it is the standard intention of the game is for you to have this suit when you play through the water temple.

I may have accomplished something difficult (and I admit more difficult than even intended, but I did it in ignorance of the ability and offered help I should have accepted.

How often do we run so hard into a problem, with hopes of solving the issue, without first checking if there is a simpler or 'already created' solution. 

So many of us are walking through the Christian life hefting on weighted boots and praying our air meters will hold out until the next pocket of air instead of going to the King to get the things He offers to help us in our exact situation!

Go to the King... Read His word... Speak to Him in prayer... Prepare yourself to be His temple!


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  1. Ha! This is so perfect. Anytime I hear anybody complain that the water temple is too hard, I'll tell them "I know a guy who did it first try WITHOUT the blue suit or any help".
    (I used to think I could brag because I finished it without a guide...)
    Bonus points for turning it into an analogy. n_n