Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gripping Hard To The Promises of God (Card Trick, Blog)

Hebrews 10:36

New International Version (NIV)

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

Because my day for posting a card trick is falling on the day that I usually post a blog on Congruent Culture, I decided I would give you both ... in one as well as a bit of a behind the magic.  Not telling you how it is done, but in a way... my process of using a trick for the purpose of Christ.

Most of the time I know how to do a trick and try to think of a way to tell a story about Jesus, The Bible, God... encouragement by doing the trick.  This works pretty much all of the time, sometimes with a bit of adjustment to the trick to ensure that the message is put out properly.  The trick for this month was created exactly like that. The trick used is a very common one, and was even had it's secret revealed by the masked magician years ago, but that has not stopped it from being a favorite of most anyone that sees, or experiences it themselves.

The trick already does a great job of teaching this lesson.. if you have not watched the video do yourself a favor and do that now .... waiting... waiting... is it done?.. or are you just reading along because this sentence keeps going on... oh.. yes.. go ahead.. I will hold your place by placing this picture of the joker here and now you know you can start reading after the picture when you are done with the video.. still here... oh.. maybe you watched it already - well.. go below the picture now.. before you get bored of my ramblings..

Welcome back, or underneath the Joker picture if you either had already watched the video or decided to skip it which I choose to ask...why?...

An interesting trick, one that some could figure out by watching the video a few times, or maybe you caught something the first time, though that is never quite the point when I do a trick.

The lesson is more important than the 'magic'.

God's promises are solid - He has never gone back on His word.  If He said it, it is the way it will be.  If He was going to go back on His word it would likely have been right after Adam and Eve first ate from the tree of good and evil.  He would have said, "You know what... no big deal.. just stay here" and of course the world could very likely be worse than it is now - with everyone full of sin and eternal life... wow.

God tells Abraham that he will have a son, gives him one, then asks him to sacrifice him.  Abraham's obedience in faith is an amazing story - and something we should remember when we have been promised something.

God was to take away the lives of the nation of Israel when Moses was on Mt. Sinai, but the reminder of the promise stayed His hand, even if Moses was just set up to remember that plan.

As well... something that just blows me away is His ability to, within the promise for us, give us chances for free will.  God's ultimate plan for the nation of Israel was Christ, but He LET them CHOOSE to be like the other nations and have a king, granted He told promised them what it would be like - He let THEM have the power of choice.

God gives us promises, but as well He wonderfully gives us CHOICE within them... will we follow HIS plan.. or our own.  Will we have to be blind chained between two pillars to fulfill the calling God has on us, or can we stand strong and bold before kings and rulers lifting the name of JESUS high no matter the opposition!


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