Friday, August 16, 2013

What Savy taught on tonight ... If you missed out tonight (UNVEILED, 08/16/13)

2 Kings 11
Lesson taught by Savy, Notes taken by dErK

When you really want to rule.. want power.. wow.. one could do some crazy things


When it is God's plan He will very heavily guard it 

Col 3:1-4

What are some of the precious things that God has given you and how do you protect them?
What about your heart?


These guards... it seems they are on guard .. even on their 'off day' .. We are never off duty in protecting ourselves

This also shows how loyal the guards were to the true king.. 

Would you have had such loyalties?


The queen is killed.. 'Get 'er Dead'

TREASON!!! upon herself? .. yeah .. be careful the justice you call for.. it may be the very thing that you have committed the most


The Baal temple is torn down..

Who do you follow? .. and where would someone following you end up?

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