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Jastin Artis "This Journey"

Overall Thoughts

Messages of encouragement. "This Journey" is clearly about our chance to make it through life. Wanna do it right? Then don't give up... don't let anything take you down. Trust in God through all things. Let HIM be your guide and there is no need to worry. I enjoyed the message of this album.

I found that all of the songs on this album, even when really well thought out and great message suffered from the recording quality and just the all around arrangement of the music. The songs were hard to actually listen to... so the messages were easily lost to me. 

Recording Thoughts - Amateur 4/10

Individual Song Thoughts

Intro (2/5) - A standard intro, pretty simple. A bit roughly mixed... It almost flows nicely. 

Sin (2/5) - An interesting vibe at the start.. the sounds are kind of distracting from the song itself. Not really complementary of the rap so it was hard to actually listen to it. The message seems to be about sin fading away and a change coming over a person. That we are the same in sin, but we all have the capacity of change within us. Certainly a good message, just really hard to listen to. 

Die First (2/5) - I like the starting beat of this. The message of flesh dieing for the spiritual to birth and grow is a positive one. There was a moment that is acapella that is quite wonderful.. really show cases the singing capabilities. 

Not This Time (3/5) -Much clearer, and smoother. It has a catchy beat and the message is one of continuing on. Not being held up by what may deter us from our goal. Persons or anything else. Push on. 

I'm So Strong (3/5) - A message that is meant to guide others to a source of strength. IT is important to know where to go.. to know how to react. Seek God first. 

Why Me Lord (2/5) - Catchy beat. Again.. not quite as smooth with vocals into the beat. It does not take much to feel alone... to feel forgotten. Our enemy, our flesh wants us to believe that we are forgotten and not appreciated. It is a sure fire way for us to fall. To believe in these lies. 

Truth As Is (2/5) - I liked the sound of this one, mostly. I think it could have been a bit smoother, but the message is portraying truth. Pushing through hardships and trusting in the Lord. 

Clear Headed (3/5) - A very nice start. much clearer and flows nicely. This is about how we can have our heads right or thoughts in the proper place IF we let our focus be on God and not anything else. 

Numb by Life (3/5) - Kind of a gospel flow... interesting. A nice pull at harmony. The message of this song really can hit home, because it can be really hard to continue on after some things that life can drop upon us. The song does a great job of redirecting to where hope can come from and the message here.. .the way it was done.. brought this from a 2 to a 3. There are many rough musical moments that are similar to other songs. Just not flowing as well as I think it could. 

Dead Man's Chest (3/5) - Really interesting tune.. cool drumming background. Almost a slight rock feel at the start. I almost think if it had kept that way I might have liked it more. I again just don't feel that the music backdrop properly captures the rap in the foreground. They just seem to work against one another. Clever lyrics... a really neat message. 

Wonder (4/5) - A pretty good flow here. A questioning song... We can make things much more difficult then it needs to be.. for ourselves and others, but love - Godly love does not work this way. "these games" need to go away. The acoustic and electric guitar are a pretty neat ending.. a bit harsh sounding, but cool.

Glitch (2/5) - again.. just not a good flow of rap/singing to the background music. I am really not sure on the message.

Reflect (3/5) - oh.. yeah.. some slick rap.. that flows much better. There may have been a bit too much background music, but it was not as glaring as it is in the other songs. Certainly one of the more catchy and enjoyable songs to listen to. The snaps.. the guitar sound.. piano .. and beat .. they did mesh together nicely. I liked it.

Interlude (4/5) - Literally a musical interlude. To be honest.. not too bad. A pretty calming tone. 

You (4/5) - A song of devotion. I am not positive of who to who.. how is should be interpreted. IT seems like it is Man to God with a bit of a battle there of having to choose God over the pleasures of the past. It is clever and it has a decent flow. 

Pushing Forward (3/5) - Another with smoothness. Again a message of continuing on. going beyond what might be something that could take us down. Always a great message. 

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