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#Review of Jonathan Vautour's album "From the Heart" #JustBeingHere #Acoustic @John_Vautour

Jonathan Vautour : "From The Heart" 

Overall Thoughts

This is a soft spoken acoustic album with a heart as big as the Grinch after all of his shenanigans. 

I really enjoyed the theme. This album really captures the heart of God and how He reaches down to us, even though we certainly do not deserve it at all. Really encouraging and life brightening music. 

Recording Thoughts - 6/10

The actual recordings could have been better. They have an amateur sound to them. Rough, but also rough right where acoustic sounds great. So... kind of a mixed bag there because I like it this way too. 

Individual Song Thoughts

Blind (4/5) - soft... calming... telling of a gap... the thing keeping space between God and man. "Break this doubt that holds my heart" A good personal call. I also found the message of a God that would forgive us so often... for so much a profound showing of God's love. The song is quite a good one. A melancholy feel for a message that is thankful for acceptance, but still in repentance. A great hope for what is "dead and broken" as we see the swap from man to God "singing" the message. 

Counting Sunsets (3/5) - A more joyful feel. Looking into life in such a way that desires the time, the moments that one gets to spend with another. Certainly a song of love, and I'll bet a personal one. 

Hypocrite (4/5) - A heavy hitting song calling out the attitudes we can get into regarding God and as well the recurring theme of God's forgiveness. As well a storytelling song bringing up examples of lives that open our eyes to the truth... are we grateful.. are we showing it? or are we, in the end... a hypocrite to what we claim? 

No Goodbyes (3/5) - The hope and desire of Heaven as well as a plea to those left behind to keep their heads up. To not fear or worry of them. An interesting choice of song as I am willing to bet after death this could be quite powerful to those that were loved ones. The nice thing is that with God this is true for us all. It is not goodbye... we will see one another again. Amen. 

Once Upon This Broken Heart (4/5) - Things around us can break us down. It can take away our desires to run hard for the Lord. For the dreams and hopes that our hearts are instilled with ..... in doing God's will upon the earth. We need to focus on the hope. On the joys that keep us going. This song does a pretty good job of capturing these ideals. "I'll just keep playing my guitar and I'll keep trying to find light in the dark." 

I really enjoyed the message of this song. We cannot just believe that only good things will happen. We have to push though and make it through the bad with just as much joy as if things were fine and dandy. (quick note.. always be honest with yourself though... it is hard to find the light in the dark... don't try to do it alone if you don't have to ;) )

Things Left Unsaid (4/5) - Best I can see in this... is a regretful relationship. How broken things can be when things are not resolved. It leaves a deep dark pit that cannot be filled and divides people for ages...

This Road (4/5) - ohh.. the opening acoustic on this is GREAT! Rough.. but just right :). The road of life is a hurtful place... and there is no need to force upon ourselves a lonely walk on it. We need to be willing to ask for help.. to trust in God and open our hearts to others. We need to be willing to pick one another up and be a helpful person to anyone we come into contact with. It is honestly the best way to keep going on. 

Take the blinders off and see that God is wanting and willing to be with us every step of the way. 

Who I Am (5/5) - Our personal definition for ourselves can be powerfully breaking, but amazingly God sees beyond those things. He sees the potential. The beauty that He placed there. We need to see that for ourselves and let our lives shine with it. "You are loved, just for who you are.." 

You Are My Hope (5/5) - Right in the title.. BAM! Truth in my life for certain. Calming acoustic.. and just such an encouraging word. A reminder of the POWER OF THE UNIVERSE that is willing to be with you in your times of need... amazing. "I will trust in You to lead the way through the storm"

You Were There (/5) - Again the hope and trust of God is present in that we can have faith that... even if we can't see it... He is there. Sometimes we get in our own way and keep ourselves from what God is doing. 

Album & Information Links

Album name: From The Heart
Artist: Jonathan Vautour
Release date: November 18, 2014
Twitter: @John_Vautour

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