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Sareem Poems & Ess Be "Beautiful Noise"

Sareem Poems

Overall Thoughts

 An album pretty full of encouraging words. While it was a bit hard to get into at first I really enjoyed the latter tracks. Some great messages and pretty fun beats, if not the best recordings. All and all a good listen.
Recording Thoughts - 6/10

Individual Song Thoughts

1. As We Are (3/5) - a catchy beat. Not too rough... kind of a faraway feel to it. Hard to hear what I expect is the rap part, but really a simple song with not too much of a crystal clear message. It is pretty much the title. I could guess, but I would prefer not to. A good listen though. 

2. We (3/5) - A calming start, with a nice transition to rap lyrics.. a message of the way "we" go... walk.. live life. How we can have a hard time seeing ourselves "right".. interesting the line " we don't see what people say" .. are we so lost in ourselves we cannot see the truth? .. or are we so focused that we are not worried about it... both could be bad.. one could be good if our focus is in God. 

3. Higher (3/5) - Always enjoy a good 80's cartoon reference. This song certainly has the message of wanting to get " Higher " ... but I certainly heard some desire for encouragement in others... so certainly a good message to lift others up higher in their lives. 

4. Push It Along (4/5) - A song about continuing on in life. Sometimes we can get a bunch of "junk" in the way... but we can ... we really can move on.. we can " push it along " and continue on. There are things that could hold others back mentioned in this, but as well things that help inspire and propel people forward. It is so much about attitude within ourselves. We need to grip one that keeps us going... working hard to do right by all those around us. "if can't find one, then make God the reason" ... while yes.. I say God should be the reason anyway.. churchy answer yes... but if your "reason" something else.. it is too easy to decide to stop that "forward motion". 

5. Overflow (5/5) - A musical interlude of sorts... and by musical... I really enjoyed listening to it. Not too long.. not to short... but a fun little interlude

6. Empty (4/5) - Oh wow.. one serious issue brought to light here. Kind of a "luke warm" idea... it really can capture the idea of how this can feel. To be broken and alone. To try to fill one's life with the wrong things... one moment can feel fulling and the next totally empty. Only one thing can truly fill one's spirit. This calls for us to be an encouragement to those still lost in the empty places. GREAT SONG! GREAT MESSAGE!

7. Show N Tell (4/5) - Who are you really? ... do you show who you are.. are you as you should be? IS what you proclaim to the world.. not just by what you say.. but by what you do .. is that guiding others to God? To Christ? Our lives change with God inside them.... has yours changed that others notice? This is the message of the song... the outside will always end up showing what is growing within. 

8. Worthy (4/5) - A deep meaning song. While I may be able to proclaim that I am worthy.. it is only though Christ.. I was worthy enough for Him, because He CHOSE me. It is a powerful proclamation because it shows the full acceptance of Christ and just runs us right up to the presence of God. An amazing and awe inspiriting possibility in our lives when in acceptance or to be worthy of our Savior. 

9. Higher (Remix) (4/5) - A much funner and really.. carefree version of the song... honestly.. I liked it MUCH better. Things just seemed clearer in this version.

10. Push It Along (Remix) (4/5) - I am about the same with this version and the original. I liked them about the same. 

Album & Information Links

Sareem Poems & Ess Be "Beautiful Noise"
ILLECT Recordings
March 31, 2015

For Listeners Of: Talib Kweli, Pharoah Monche, Phonte, Murs, Pigeon John
Genre: Hip-Hop
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Record label: ILLECT Recordings

The revolution will not be televised... cliché for some, but apt for emcee Sareem Poems.  The revolution is love and the medium is poetry and beats.  After spending a decade and a half as a prolific solo artist (known as Sharlok Poems) and with West Coast underground group LA Symphony, Poems now teams up with indie label Illect Recordings, to release "Beautiful Noise" with producer Ess Be.

Touring the U.S., Europe and Asia, Poems has shared stages with legends as diverse as Public Enemy, De La Soul, P.O.D., Ice Cube and Good Charlotte. Why?  Because his music and message resonates with all its beauty and ugliness.

That message helped Poems and L.A. Symphony be voted the L.A. Times hip-hop group of the year and landed him on tours sponsored by the NBA, as well as appearances in multiple video games.

Mainstream and Underground, Poems music is accessible to fans of all genres and styles...and most of all, its accessible to you.

At the core lies Poems...his emotions, his wordplay, his life..., your hopes, your fears, your life.  This is the soundtrack of Sareem Poems.

* This is his 2nd full length album as Sareem Poems. He previously released 3 albums under Sharlok Poems moniker.
* Career sales in excess of 50,000 albums
* 2 music videos
* Featured on,,,,,,, & more.
* God Bless the Child single 105k downloads/streams (1st single with Illect Recordings)

"Beautiful Noise" track listing 
1. As We Are
2. We
3. Higher
4. Push It Along
5. Overflow
6. Empty
7. Show N Tell
8. Worthy
9. Higher (Remix)
10. Push It Along (Remix)

All production by Ess Be.

Twitter: @SareemPoems @EssBe517 @illect @sohhpr


Press Contact
Josh Niemyjski

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