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Yaves "In Winters Ear"

Yaves cover

Overall Thoughts

I gotta be honest. This album was just not all that impressive to me. I found the music to be mostly bland and I just really had a hard time gripping the messages. (see individual thoughts for exceptions)

Recording Thoughts - 5/10

Individual Song Thoughts

Rumble Young Man (2/5) - A pretty cool start.. blending of scripture into some rap beats. I did find it a bit odd to have scripture that spoke of not lifting one self up... and then have the actual rapping sound like it was lifting oneself up. 

Revolver (2/5) - nice beat... delightful vocals (the singing parts at least)... again.. I am really lost on the message of the rap parts... either I am just not getting it... or it is not in line with the rest of the song.

Down Bad (2/5) - "Hate to see you doing good" "love it when you are down bad" ... umm.. I just don't get it.. is this speaking of one against you?.. I am just not sure. 

Good Lord (2/5) - So.. I think this song is about keeping oneself focused on the Lord.. to be able to push through even when things just don't go so right... but again.. I am having a hard time seeing that being the message. 

Chains and Whips (3/5) - OK..  I think I have this one.. this is bringing a bit of awareness to racial profiling. Something prevalent in the media right now. 

Say That (4/5) - This is a call for bearing fruit of God instead of anything else. "living right is living free..." nice point.. 

Blood Covered Snow (3/5) - Otherworldly sound... oddly spectacular ... powerfully poetic... as well as tragic. This just shows the worthlessness of violence. 

Album & Information Links

Yaves "In Winters Ear"
Sling Shot Media Group
Feb. 10, 2015

In Winters Ear track listing & credits
1. Rumble Young Man
2. Revolver (feat. Keisha Soleil)
3. Down Bad (feat. Zoë Boston)
4. Good Lord (feat. King Vada)
5. Chains and Whips (Interlude)
6. Say That (Remix) (feat. Dee-1, Sivion, Big Trant)
7. Blood Covered Snow (feat. Ron Riley)

1, 5 QWOND3R
2-3 Z4L Productions
4 Frank Boi
6 Jay RHDN
7 Ron Riley

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