Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Military Life - Part 4 : The Chapel (Blurb)

As a way to help promote support to my goal for my birthday month, giving at least $3,000 to Child Evangelism Fellowship Military Ministries, I have decided to write my blurbs from when I lived on base.  Enjoy and consider donating to the cause! (Click to Read More About This)

My birthday this year has been among the pretty insane chaos of Softball, T-Ball, Children's Ministry, Moving, Keep up the Blog, Creating a Fund raising event for Military Children's Ministry (I have not even sat down to get an official count on the funds raised)... honestly it has been rough, but an adventure I have been ultimately enjoying. 

For the first time ever I am feeling the need of a blanket thank you on my birthday because yesterday when well wishers were flooding my facebook feed, I was emptying the home our family has lived in for the last 6 years.  I spoke a about moving in the last Blurb - and it really has all the same qualities for both civilian and military.  It is just usually more likely for a military family to move often.  Stability and constants are good in families as transitions like these take place. 

One could point to the Base Chapel, but I remember the Chapel always being a more ... split personality was at constant war with 'truth'.  What I mean by this is usually there is only one Chapel on the base, and it is usually used by each and every religious organization is on the base.  I actually do remember this being something I knew and ... sort of ... understood growing up.  

It was chaos... and hard to grasp what was being taught in the service you attended was more truth or pure than what was taught either the day before... or maybe even right after you left.  The way I see it, a Good News Club for kids is a much more stable way for kids to get the truth.  Those who run them are usually volunteers who have hearts for kids to get to know Jesus.  It is their only motivation, creating a heart infused with the Holy Spirit to empower their words, and even actions, for the work of God! 

Support this ministry - I may not have made the official count, but I do know the goal I want to reach is still not met.  Even a small $5 donation is appreciated! 

God be with you and I pray that He encourages you though all of the chaos you may be dealing with! 


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