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Canon album cover

Overall Thoughts:

really catchy stuff. Gets ya moving and at least a passing interest in the music itself, if not missing the lyrics through most of it while caught in the throws of the tunes. I found many messages to be a bit confusing to myself, but others to hit home squarely.

Recording Quality - Professional (7/10)

Individual Song Thoughts:

Go off - (3/5) a nice scoping start that flows fairly well... Just a bit rocky, but then drops nicely into some pretty sweet bass. What I was really impressed with was the impressive rap skills.. Quick and clever.

Motivation - (3/5) This has some nifty moments...The way the music flows. Not very overbearing, with a simple message of encouragement really. I am  out usually a fan of the horn type sounds but this was done well.

Trippen - (2/5) first off... I didn't understand most of the beginning of this. I believe this song is meant to capture some humor.. I did appreciate this "Thundercats rap stars"..It was right up my alley. I believe the opposition near the end is not intended to go towards the listener, but instead towards the rap artist himself... Even though it feels it is directed to the listener.

Point of view - (2/5) this again picks up some more clever lyrics. I really all liked the moments of harmony... Pleasant to listen to. The message again is clearly a personal one with the artist. It can feel a bit like he is upset with me for these things.. But I don't know. Maybe my time away from reviewing has addled my mind to hear it this way. Ha. I can see a direct desire to push through the adversity and I like that strive.

Common Sense - (4/5) this seems to be a call to seeing things in a better light. Maybe in a more truthful light. To look beyond what may hold one back.. And instead trust in God. Will the "American dream" be the thing that completes us? This song's message has a good look at this. I really liked it through and through.

Put me on - (3/5) this has a bit of a rough sound to it... If anything some strong bass that I may have been missing out on in my headphones. I listened to this twice and really just could not pin down the actual message of the song. I really think I am just too far outside the lingo. Near the end there is a clear message of prayer for those in the inner cities and fighting against those hardships. I can only assume the rest is about this as well.

Dreams - (4/5) much clear much quicker. A glimpse at the world as it is and then a message of what could be.. What we could do to shift ourselves to change the world. Also there is the aspect of our personal goals, hopes and dreams. How easy the darkness of the world can steal such a thing away.

Reach into the Night - (5/5) oh wow.. Such an awesome song... My favorite on the album from start to finish... Starting at man's creation and setting right the message of darkness, but clear and present hope in the gospel. Really awesome backing tracks. Really, really catchy. "an Itty bitty monster that must be conquered".. Wow... Certainly the best and most clear lyrics in the mix.

Motivation (Extended) - (3/5) I think the additions add some great incite to the message and I prefer this version over the other.

Album Information & Links:

Canon "Loose Canon Vol. 2"
Reflection Music Group
October 7th, 2014

Canon Touring Info
1. Follow Tour 2014
2. Saints Tour with Andy Mineo and KB 2013
3. RMG Tour 2012
4. Lecrae Overdose Tour 2012

Canon has featured on these charting records
1. PRo "Redemption" (RMG)
2. Lecrae "Overdose" (Reach Records)
3. PRo "Dying to Live" (Reach Records)
4. RMG "Welcome to the Family" (RMG)
5. Tony Tillman "The Tillman EP" (RMG)
6. Derek Minor "Minorville" (Reach Records)
7. Andy Mineo "Never Land" (Reach Records)

Billboard chart info
1. Mad Haven -- BillBoard #3 Gospel, Billboard Top 200 #156, Christian #10, Independent #37, Top Current Albums #146, Christian and Gospel #12, Gospel Digital Songs #21
2. Loose Canon Vol. 1 -- Billboard #47 Independent, #18 Rap, #4 Gospel, #14 Christian , Christian and Gospel #16, Top Current #188
3. RMG "Welcome to the Family" -- #7 Hip Hop Billboard Gospel #14 Christian #32 Christian and Gospel #45 Heat-seekers #32
4. RMG "Reppen On Em" - Billboard, Christian and Gospel Digital Songs #11

Loose Canon Vol. 2 track listing
1. Go Off (feat. Lucious)
2. Motivation (feat. Social Club)
3. Trippen
4. Point of View (feat. Tragic Hero, Adia)
5. Common Sense (feat. B. Cooper, Mau Nu’u)
6. Put Me On (feat. Reconcile, Derek Minor)
7. Dreams (feat. Tony Tillman, J.C.)
8. Reach Into the Night (feat. TJ Pompeo, Shonlock) [Bonus Track]
9. Motivation (feat. Social Club) [Extended Version Bonus Track]

Production credits
1 RayRock
2, 8, 9 Canon
3 Eighty7
4 Cardec
5 Joyful Noise
6 Kenneth Aldridge


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